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What started as a modest effort in 1903 to display butterflies and birds of the Darjeeling district, has grown to house a large collections of mammals, birds & nests with eggs, reptiles & fishes and even insects of wide varieties. The displays are actually specimens of real creatures that had been captured, stuffed and preserved. The Bengal Natural History Museum can be reached by few minutes walk from the Chowrasta Mall.

Originally formed, in 1915, to display only the specimens of butterflies and birds of the area… the Bengal Natural History Museum comprises two major sections today housing a huge collection of different specimens like birds with nests and eggs, reptiles and fishes, mammals, insects and more. The taxidermy unit that was built at the time of inception serves to mount the skins of animals so that they have a lifelike appearance at the display. While one of the sections exhibit specimens like Himalayan Brown Wood Owls, Northern spotted owlet, Northern Brown Fish Owl, pheasants, fly catchers, woodpeckers and 800 more bird species, the other is stocked with animal species like Tibetan fox, Tibetan Lynx, elephant, Toddy cat, heads of wild buffaloes hanging from the walls, panthers, leopards and many more. There are some other less important sections in the museum that display specimens of reptiles and insects.

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