Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

about Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Waterfalls is around 5 km from Cherrapunjee and is the fourth highest waterfall in the world. Falling from a height of 1,100 ft, this fall is a great attraction of Cherrapunjee. The drive to Nohkalikai Falls is through the elevated tableland that leads to the cliff and then hike a short distance to a viewpoint from where you can witness the enchanting sight of the beautiful Nohkalikai waterfall plunging down into an ultramarine pool many hundred feet below.


The ideal time to visit Nohkalikai is during the monsoon season, when the falls are at its most spectacular. A viewing gallery allows the visitor to savour the beauty of the place. There are stairs, which take tourist down to various other viewing points. 


This fall has a sad legend associated with it. Noh Ka Likai means "the leap of Likai". As per the legend, a young woman named Ka Likai, who had a daughter from her earlier marriage remarried. Her new husband loathed his step daughter as he was not in favour of girl staying with them. Out of jealousy, he decides to kill her. When Ka Likai was away working, he slaughters the girl and uses her flesh to cook a meal. After returning home from work, Likai was surprised that her husband had prepared evening meal for her. She ate the meal without suspicion and had no inkling about the gory act her husband had conducted. However, she later discovered her daughter’s fingers in the betel nut basket. Distraught with grief and remorse, she rushed to the nearby cliffs and threw herself over the precipice adjoining the waterfalls. The fall has ever since been known as Nohlakikai.

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