Umiam Lake, Nongpoh

about Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Meghalaya that is situated about 15 km from Shillong. It is more easily recognised as Bara Pani, and covers an area of about 220 sq km. The surrounding Sylvan Hills and green Khasi pines add to the majesty of this vast lake, which was created when the Umiam river was dammed to store water for hydroelectric power generation. Though it was initially established as a dam or a reservoir, it is now a popular tourist attraction. It is also known for water sports and adventure facilities such as kayaking, water cycling, scooting and boating

If you plan to visit Umiam Lake in the winter time, from October to February, you'll be dumbfounded by its beauty. If you plan to visit it in the summer months of May to July, you won't believe it's the same lake. Located in Nongpoh, Meghalaya The Umiam Lake is basically made from the reservoir built due to the dam here. The lake is the chief source of water supply to the city of Shillong. During the winter months, the lake fills up with water that gives it an unbelievably picturesque beauty. Most travelers to Meghalaya even like to compare it to the beauty of the Scottish water bodies. During the summer months, the water level lowers and islands actually begin to pop up on the surface of the lake. While the water sports here are expensive, but a group water boat rowing into the evening horizon is some money well spent.


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