Thambi View Point, East Sikkim

Thambi View Point

Thambi Viewpoint is a scenic spot in East Sikkim, India, known for its panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It is a popular tourist destination and offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks and the scenic beauty of the region. Visitors can also enjoy a picnic or spend time exploring the nearby attractions. Visitors often come to Thambi View Point to take in the panoramic views and to take photographs. The viewpoint is a popular tourist destination, attracting both locals and tourists from all over the world.

At 11200 feet, Thambi View Point offers a panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha. Located at a distance of 14 kms from Zuluk on the famous zig-zag road (locally called Bhulbhulaiya for its 30 hairpin turns) Thambi is a roadside viewpoint that opens up suddenly to Mt. Kanchenjungha.


Named after the Civil Engineer who constructed this amazing road, Thambi Viewpoint truly honours the extra-ordinary feat achieved by the engineers and workers who constructed this road. On a clear day on your way to Thambi viewpoint, you would also catch a glimpse of the zig zag road from Zuluk.

To reach Thambi Viewpoint in Zuluk, one typically begins the journey from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. The route to Zuluk involves navigating through a series of hairpin bends and steep inclines, offering travelers a thrilling experience. The drive itself is an adventure, with the road passing through dense forests, remote villages, and high-altitude terrain. It's important to note that the road to Zuluk is often covered in snow during the winter months, making it inaccessible, so the best time to visit is typically from March to June and September to December.

The best time to visit Thambi Viewpoint is during the months of April to June when the weather is relatively pleasant, and the landscape is adorned with vibrant rhododendron blooms. Another great time to visit is during the autumn months of September to December when the skies are clear, offering unobstructed views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. However, if you're a fan of snow and adventure, winter months from December to February can be ideal, but be prepared for extremely cold conditions and possible road closures.

Apart from the Thambi Viewpoint, Zuluk and its surroundings have several other attractions worth exploring. Nearby places of interest include the Nathang Valley, which is known for its pristine beauty and yak-filled meadows, and Kupup Lake, also known as Elephant Lake, due to its unique shape. You can also visit the old Silk Route, which was once an important trade route connecting India to Tibet and China. This route is dotted with charming villages,<

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