Street food of Sikkim

Street food of Sikkim

If you are in Sikkim and didnt taste this items you misses a massive chance to have it. So prepare yourself to have this delicious food in Sikkim if you ever visit.

Momos is the dishes of China but it is very famous in Sikkim and is one of the famous street food of India too. So momo in Sikkim is super delicious. Types of momo is Veg and non-veg (chicken, mutton, beaf, pork). Veg momo is made up of mixing cabbage, carrot, butter and onion.
In Gangtok (capital of Sikkim) you can find best momo at THE ROLL HOUSE fast food at MG Marg, Gangtok. To get variety (design and taste) of momos you can visit SHUFFLE MOMO, near MG Marg at Gangtok

Delicious fried Chicken momo
Veg Momo

Thukpa is made up of wheat. Thukpa is actually a Tibetan watery Noodle Soup. It is made with mixing vegetable OR chicken pieces with chilli and other ingrediant. It is healthy food and make body fir and fine. In Sikkim you will get thukpa anywhere ranging from fast food to street to hotels.

Thukpa Noodle

Sel-roti is also called fox-bread is a Nepali dish made with grinding rice and fried in a pan. it is sweet in taste and is a Nepali traditional food of Nepali cukture of Sikkim. It is healthy and eat as a breakfast with aloo-dum. In Gangtok HAMRO DOKO offers home delivery of sel-roti. You can find it in NIMTHO, HAMRO BHANSA GHAR, THAKALI restaurant of Gangtok.


Khabjee is a Tibetian dish. In Sikkim it is widely eaten as breakfast and used in occasional purpose like pooja and all. Bhutia community make this dishes. it is made with flour.

Aloo-dum is a made with boiled potato which is spicy and tasty to eat. Dalle khorsani paste is used in aloo-dum to make it fiery.