Top Places to visit in North Sikkim 2021

Top Places to visit in North Sikkim 2021


Located at associate degree altitude of nine,000 feet on the mountain slope, dominating the cover peaks of the range of mountains, Lachen is one among the foremost picturesque spots in North geographic area. Lachen could be a tiny hamlet encircled by inexperienced mountains on all sides and heavily blessed by Mother Nature within the variety of scenic beauty. The road to Lachen is rugged and also the journey is feverish, however once you finally reach the hamlet, you forget everything and want sitting on the lap of Mother Nature. the altitude of Lachen makes it a phase transition zone and if you visit the place in winter, Lachen would greet you with snow. The roads, the trees, the slanted roofs of the homes get lined with snow turning the tiny village into a romantic world.

Since it’s a small amount less developed than Lachung, Lachen is way a lot of serene. it’s home to low population shaped by Nepalese, Tibetans and Bhutanese however their simplicity can bit your heart. with the exception of attractive you with its picturesque encompassing, dominated by cover mountain peaks, Lachen can show you the gate through that you’ll enter and begin your journey towards a divine destination-the Gurudongmar Lake. Being set within the North of geographic area, you’d have to be compelled to get a special allow from Gangtok for your journey. Your conducted tour to Lachen can begin from Gangtok around ten am once you are going to be picked up by the automotive. On your a hundred thirty metric linear unit journey you’ll pass variety of gorgeous spots just like the Tashi read purpose, Kabi Lungstok, Twin Waterfalls, the Bhim Nala Waterfalls and Naga Falls, the junction of Lachen- Chu and Lachung-Chu, the 2 rivers that flow by Lachen and Lachung. typically lunch is served at Namok and cars reach Lachen by late afternoon.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar could be a high altitude lake about to Thibet border in North geographical area. it’s the land of Yaks, blue ships and different high altitude animals of geographical area and Thibet. The snow-fed whitish water of the lake is one in all the most important sources of Tista, the foremost vital watercourse in geographical area and North geographic region.


Lachung is a small town in North Sikkim at approx. 9000 ft with snow capped mountains (in winter), beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery.
Tourists from all the over world visit this town mostly on their way to Yumthang Valley and Zero Point. The town is approximately 130 kns from Gangtok and about 30kms from Lachen. The town is fully covered with snow on the rooftops of the hotels and the roads if you visit in winter season. The best time to visit this place is from October to May.
There is very limited phone and internet network in the town and you can happily stay here at peace, away from the city!

Yumthang Valley

A mesmerizingly serene place that holds a really important spot within the geographic region business, the Yumthang vale is that the marvel of nature embellished within the Northern region of the geographic region state. With the dense shrub forests and also the hot sulfur water spring, the Yumthang vale offers the picturesque read of the craggy parcel. The vale is additionally referred to as the vale of flowers because of the big stretch of land crammed with the varied species of the Rhododendrons. the big landscape adorned with the vivid flowers and also the lovely, active water of the watercourse Teesta is that the paradise for the nature-loving tourists. The vale is found around a hundred and forty kilometer from the Gangtok, the capital of geographic region. The village of the Lachung is that the base destination to go to the Yumthang vale. On the thanks to the Yumthang vale, the read of the pristine waterfalls and streams, yet because the magnetic read of the mountain peaks ar terribly soothing to eyes.

Yumesamdong (Zero Point)

Yumesamdong, is a valley on the Lachung River about 15 km ahead of Yumthang. It is situated at 4724 m altitude in the North East of the State, popularly known as the Zero point which means the hindmost frontier of civilization. There are no roads further, just the landscapes completely covered with snow offering a majestic view contrasting with the patchy blue sky in between the fresh icy breeze. The place is adjacent to Chinese border. Thus it demands for an Inner Line Permit, which can be obtained from the Tourist Information Center or through any registered tour operator.

Mt. Katao

Located within the northern a part of geographical area, virtually a hundred and forty four kilometers from the capital, Gangtok, and twenty eight kms from Lachung, Mt. Katao is amongst the foremost spectacular sights you’ll imagine within the state. However, one must avail permits from the military to enter the realm wherever this majestic peak is found. This surreal mountain offers the onlookers a splendid read. This destination is additionally an ideal place for journey lovers as sports like athletics, snowboarding, snow conduit and stone grinding is enjoyed here throughout the winter season.
Best Time to go to
The best time to go to Mount Katao is from March to Gregorian calendar month. However, so as yto relish athletics and snowboarding, winter months of Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month area unit ideal to go to.


A small picturesque city located at the convergence of the 2 rivers named Lachen stream and Lachung stream, the Chungthang with the breathless landscape could be a well-known traveller destination for the nature-loving and adventure-seeking tourists. Also, a spiritual place for the Buddhist religion, the Chungthang includes a legend that says that Guru Padmasambhava visited this village whereas getting to Xizang within the eighth century and he rested on a rock wherever he left his footprint. Some paddy has grownup close to the rock which individuals believe as a miracle because it is sort of not possible for the land here to grow Paddy in these environments. As per the legend within the religious belief, religious leader Dev terrorist group visited this place whereas getting to Xizang. there’s a pious tree within the village that is believed to be grownup within the place wherever religious leader Dev terrorist group had place his stick. The Chungthang village could be a spellbinding place with vale, hill, dense foliage, a confluence of rivers and waterfalls beside pristine and serene ambiance.