Pelling, West Sikkim


Pelling is a strip of road lined with hotels, situated at Elevation of 1,800 min on West Sikkim district of India. Being a beautiful ridge decked with lush green forests, this spot offers awe-striking views of the Himalayas and Kanchenjanga, which are a must see. Ideal place for spending a relaxing holiday, Pelling is rising as the second biggest tourist hotspot after Gangtok. Take a tour of this small town dotted with a myriad of tourism attractions and sightseeing places and feel delighted.

 Adventure junkies who wish to indulge in action-packed outdoor activities can strike out their list of things to do. Pelling serene surroundings and picturesque setting offers a wonderful chance to engage in bird-watching or a delightful nature walk. Decked with fascinating trekking trails and thrill seeking waterfalls, Pelling severs as a host to exhilarating outdoor activities.

Pelling Sightseeing

There are two common tours for Pelling Sightseeing. When you take a package tour from us, one of this sightseeing is always included. One is a half-day Pelling Sightseeing tour and the other is a full day tour.

Half day tours - Tourist staying at Pelling only for one night takes the half day tour and post lunch travel to their next destination. You have several options for this.
1. Khechepalri Lake visits - In this tour, we will take you towards Khechepalri lake. On the way, you will visit the Rimbi waterfall, Rock Garden, Kanchenjunga waterfall etc. On the way, you may also stop over at Darap Eco Village. This is the most common half day tour itinerary in Pelling.
2. If you have a shortage of time and do not want to travel much for Sightseeing, you may take our second half day tour option that covers destinations close to town. This tour covers Pemayangtse Monastery, Rabadantse ruins, Tikjuk viewpoint and Helipad ground.
3. Alternatively, we can also provide you a half day tour of Pemayangtse Monastery, Sangay Waterfalls, Dentam valley, Alpine Cheese factory and Sing shore Bridge (One of the highest bridges in the world). Remember this is a long journey and if you have plans for travel in the afternoon, we may not recommend long sightseeing in the morning.

Full Day Pelling Sightseeing
Full day Sightseeing is basically a combination of the half day Sightseeing tours. Here you have the following choices.
1. Most tourists choose the Khechepalri lake tour in the first half and local sightseeing around Pelling in the second half.
2. You may visit Khechepalri lake in the morning and then continue your tour further towards Yuksom (on the same route). In addition to the half day Khechepalri tour, you will also visit Phamrong falls, Singing stone, Kathok lake and Dubdi monastery (2 km hike) in this tour.

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